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March floods

I would like all of you, for a moment, to contemplate a world without images – without the photographs and the many arts that enrich our experiences – and the next time someone gives you a very reasonable price for their time and creativity don’t tell them they are charging too much. Be grateful that they are willing to live the lifestyle (which these days is often shaky at best) that allows them to put their time into their art – delight in and support that choice!!

I recently had someone tell me that my quote, my creative fee was too much for a proposed job – when the quote I gave was half of what I would ‘normally’ charge. So here is my question – was your salary cut in half? And how well would you be living if it had been?

Until you acknowledge and accept that creatives, too, must be making a ‘good’ living for the economy to improve, it will continue to lumber along as it is. We are an important and necessary part of the cycle. Theatre, film, music, art, photography … they are a source not only of entertainment, but of joy. Just remember that, and the image of today’s world without pictures. They are everywhere and in everything we do.

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If this resonates with you – then repost it on your wall and in your blog so more will see it and THINK.

C.M. Glover ∞ Photographic Artist & Documentary Photographer, Editor & Entrepreneur


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