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WOW – I just found this.  It is very similar to an idea I have … and have yet to develop, but there is always room for more creativity and great ideas!

Check out the Meditation Room at Lime.com


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On the previous post I cheated just a bit.  I was talking about France and posted a couple of photos taken at the home of Dollie Briggs in Newport.

My travels in Europe were in my film days and I still have not gotten around to scanning most of the good slides.  Sorry about that.  But to make it up to you – here are a few more pix from Dollie Brigg’s lovely home in Newport.

Dollie_7290Dollie_7234Dollie_1403Dollie_7285Dollie/America at HomeKatsura9664Katsura9682

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KooChoo.com – I am delighted to be listed on your website. I love kids and love working with them.  I am happy to drive to Fairfield for events and portraits on location – or anywhere in CT, NYC, etc. for that matter.   You don’t have all my info right and I can’t figure out how to get in contact with you … So I hope someone sees this and tells you!!!

Email me:  seeglover [at] gmail.com or call 860.536.5969.


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Have one of the simple pleasures denied you even for a brief while and it reminds you not to take your pleasures for granted, but enjoy each and every one. Savor each moment of satisfaction, of joy, of passion, of delight.
Appreciation is the key to keeping your pleasures coming, so appreciate, appreciate, appreciate … !DSC_8109

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OK – detest cleaning off the computer hard drive, especially when a gorgeous day beckons, but photo files get so large these days – sometimes you just have to … and that’s when you find the hidden jewels. I had completely forgotten I took these (rare for me).


I love kids and animals. Talk about pure joy. They are so pure of spirit. Nothing more likely to pick you up than hanging out with either or both. One of my favorite friends is Elizabeth (who will turn six this summer) as well as her younger sister Sophia. Beautiful girls. I know you will be seeing pix of them. Especially as the two things I am supposed to show up with when I go visit are balloons and my camera.

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