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I would have LOVED to have been there photographing this wedding!  I found this on the Dreamscapes blog and had to add the link back.  It is the “Forever” wedding dance….


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I’ve noticed that the one pic of Claudine’s wedding that I have posted here gets a fair number of hits so I am adding a few more for you to enjoy.  She is a wonderful woman and I had a lot of fun that day.

Sorry for the fuzzy scans.  I shot these on film and really need to dig up the negs and rescan them one of these days.  On the list like everything else….  — C.M.WebClaudineswedding01WebClaudinewedding05WebClaudinewedding11WebClaudineWedding13WebClaudineWedding14WebClaudineWedding15WebClaudineWedding16

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Nothing throws your life into perspective faster than seeing someone having a worse day than you.  And these people were definitely not having a good day!watertruck_4679DSC_1529watertruck_4683DSC_1533watertruck_4685DSC_1535watertruck_4681DSC_1531watertruck_4689DSC_1539

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I was reading Dorie’s blog and ran across her piece on Elliott Erwitt.  I have always loved his work myself and so I am putting up a link to his slideshow as well!

Below you can see some of my work that has a similar quality.


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SomSiam_4256DSC_1391Last week I had the best meal. Great food – and great company. I went with Dorie to the new location of Som Siam in Old Saybrook. The food was tasty – and photogenic. I took some pix that you can see below. Dorie will likely be writing about it on her blog as well. Since she writes cookbooks, you have to know we had a delectable time. I will let my photos do the talking and leave it to her for the adjectives.

The restaurant is set back from the road, but very easy to get to, once you know where to look. And it is worth looking. Once they have an operational website I will post the link over in the Sweet & Savory column.SomSiam_4214DSC_1349

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Thames River fireworks a few weeks ago…SubFest_3082July09SubFest_3071July09

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Marketing gimmicks for the most part simply annoy me, and I try to avoid them. I’d rather have you emailing me, calling me, shouting from the rooftops, because you love my work: not a two for one special.

But in deciding to add ‘boudoir’ photography to my repertoire, I realized that particular word really annoys me. Actually not the word itself, but the connotations now associated with it ….

So my apologies for the slight marketing gimmick, but keep on the lookout – the website will have a category popping up called “Fantasy Photography”. Something tingly, bubbly, intoxicating, and a little naughty. That is the kind of feeling I want women (people) to have from doing something fun like this. A bit of haute couture and some silk sheets. A lot of fantasy… medieval sorceress, Egyptian princess, Vogue model, or sultry temptress.

Trust me I will have fun doing this, too. We will get as silly, as creative, or as sultry as you want. Your choice, your intoxicating session. It’s a fantasy session, so whatever your fantasy happens to be, whether high fashion model, or temptress.

Or just you as the sensual wonderful person you are.  –C.M.

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