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On the previous post I cheated just a bit.  I was talking about France and posted a couple of photos taken at the home of Dollie Briggs in Newport.

My travels in Europe were in my film days and I still have not gotten around to scanning most of the good slides.  Sorry about that.  But to make it up to you – here are a few more pix from Dollie Brigg’s lovely home in Newport.

Dollie_7290Dollie_7234Dollie_1403Dollie_7285Dollie/America at HomeKatsura9664Katsura9682


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What about renting a chateau in France for a week.  Something comfy that holds at least a dozen people and hold a photo workshop there?  Does this sound interesting?

Or maybe talk to Carolyn at Food For Thought Tours about a chateau and a trip that involves fine dining on local foods and cooking as well as photography workshops?  Like a really spectacular summer camp … for the big kids.  We have discussed combining our talents and interests for a more comprehensive travel experience.

What do you think?  We want to know.  Does this sound like a delectable way to spend a week next summer?

For this fall … and food … try Carolyn’s FFTT trip to France!

Email me:  seeglover [at] gmail.com


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