What’s it like …

What’s it like in the world of editorial photography these days? Well, a photo I took for the New York Times a year or two ago just showed up in the Boston Globe earlier this month. Go see.


Another compliment …

I love getting compliments. But I find them by accident on line. Found this one on a blog called “The Wild Reed”. Here is the link.

The magic of ‘it’ …

Rachel commented in her Dreamscapes blog that so few couples have ‘it’ – the walking on air magic that everyone dreams of.

This isn’t a typical wedding photo, but it has ‘it’ and has always been one of my favs.  The couple sneaking away from the crowd after the ceremony to spend a few moments together.Lana011-4

I would have LOVED to have been there photographing this wedding!  I found this on the Dreamscapes blog and had to add the link back.  It is the “Forever” wedding dance….

Claudine’s Wedding …

I’ve noticed that the one pic of Claudine’s wedding that I have posted here gets a fair number of hits so I am adding a few more for you to enjoy.  She is a wonderful woman and I had a lot of fun that day.

Sorry for the fuzzy scans.  I shot these on film and really need to dig up the negs and rescan them one of these days.  On the list like everything else….  — C.M.WebClaudineswedding01WebClaudinewedding05WebClaudinewedding11WebClaudineWedding13WebClaudineWedding14WebClaudineWedding15WebClaudineWedding16

Perspective …

Nothing throws your life into perspective faster than seeing someone having a worse day than you.  And these people were definitely not having a good day!watertruck_4679DSC_1529watertruck_4683DSC_1533watertruck_4685DSC_1535watertruck_4681DSC_1531watertruck_4689DSC_1539

I was reading Dorie’s blog and ran across her piece on Elliott Erwitt.  I have always loved his work myself and so I am putting up a link to his slideshow as well!

Below you can see some of my work that has a similar quality.