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Mentioning that we will travel seems to have generated some interest so I thought I would elaborate on some of my own travel experiences. I lived in Europe on two separate occasions. While in grad school at UVA, I spent a term in London attending University College London (I have an M.A.H.) and one summer (still as a student) I lived and worked in France.  That summer I also hitchhiked across the English Channel – before there was a tunnel – during a fisherman’s strike that was jamming up the ferries.

I also love the Highlands of Scotland so much I went five times … and need to go back one of these days with my best friend. Places on my agenda include the South Island of New Zealand and definitely back to Hawaii (went there four times in one year – good year), Venice which comes highly recommended by a friend who just spent a few weeks there.  Of course to Australia to visit that friend and many places in Asia.

Certainly it is a bit easier with digital since I don’t have to wrestle my film past security any more. However, if anyone has a private jet who wants to fly me all of these places … I am not patient with airports – way too many hours twiddling my thumbs now to get anywhere. I used to show up at the airport thirty minutes before I had to be sitting in my seat (and never once missed a flight). Miss those days.

Adam and I are both interested in conducting travel photo workshops abroad. And we are open to suggestions. So suggest away.  Maybe something on a boat (photogenic sail) cruising the Mediterranean?  Putting in at tiny ports and scenic coves?

Email me and let me know:  seeglover [at] gmail.com



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