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We, the creative people in your lives, realize that in a tight economy our art … music … film … photography may not be the first priority on your spending list. But consider the joy we bring as we light up your lives with wonderful sound and beautiful visuals. Remember how that joy expands to bring even more joy into your life.

Then remember that this is also how we make our living, think how much you truly appreciate what we do, and then think twice before you ask us to do it for almost nothing.

We love to be appreciated and by paying us what we ask, you truly do value and appreciate us and the quality of what we bring to your lives. –C.M.


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Have one of the simple pleasures denied you even for a brief while and it reminds you not to take your pleasures for granted, but enjoy each and every one. Savor each moment of satisfaction, of joy, of passion, of delight.
Appreciation is the key to keeping your pleasures coming, so appreciate, appreciate, appreciate … !DSC_8109

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