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OK. I google myself periodically to see what pops up first. Especially now that work is no longer just flowing in week after week from the New York Times and I have to actually market myself. [sigh].

I recently signed me up for the site WeddingWire.com – which is supposed to link me up with all of the brides also checking out Martha Stewart.  But do either of those pop up when someone googles me? NO.

Optimize – people. Get it together. If it weren’t for the fact that I have been accepted by The Green Bride Guide association, I might be invisible. But luckily I am green … instead.

And FYI – yes, we are eco-friendly!!

The photo is one I took of Claudine Pepin’s wedding to Rollie Wesen a few years ago for the Style section of the New York Times.  One of my all time favs – of course they didn’t run this one.



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I am in for a wild fun ride (and I think I will take Adam along – some most of the time). This is going to be FUN! I just met someone I am going to be working with and we talked for two hours. She is fantastic.

All I can say is if you want a mind boggling, eye popping, heart stopping, roller coaster ride of an event; one that everyone you invite will remember and everyone you didn’t will envy … something that is at the same time immensely creative, lush, sensual, elegant AND eco friendly, then the person you want to call is Mary Spicer.

Look for me taking photos.  I will be the one with a grin on her face, hanging from something precarious trying to get the best angle for the shot.

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