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Marketing gimmicks for the most part simply annoy me, and I try to avoid them. I’d rather have you emailing me, calling me, shouting from the rooftops, because you love my work: not a two for one special.

But in deciding to add ‘boudoir’ photography to my repertoire, I realized that particular word really annoys me. Actually not the word itself, but the connotations now associated with it ….

So my apologies for the slight marketing gimmick, but keep on the lookout – the website will have a category popping up called “Fantasy Photography”. Something tingly, bubbly, intoxicating, and a little naughty. That is the kind of feeling I want women (people) to have from doing something fun like this. A bit of haute couture and some silk sheets. A lot of fantasy… medieval sorceress, Egyptian princess, Vogue model, or sultry temptress.

Trust me I will have fun doing this, too. We will get as silly, as creative, or as sultry as you want. Your choice, your intoxicating session. It’s a fantasy session, so whatever your fantasy happens to be, whether high fashion model, or temptress.

Or just you as the sensual wonderful person you are.  –C.M.


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This is a “refresh” ….
A few years ago I attempted to do some boudoir photography out here in sleepy little Eastern CT. (Being the enlightened soul that he is, Adam refers to this as my porno and taking pictures of naked people). Turns out that while many women loved the idea of having a woman take pix of them in sexier poses, everyone was camera shy.

Well, I ‘get’ camera shy. I hate having my pic taken as anyone who knows me at all will tell you. But I decided to refresh this idea, because there is just something so sexy and empowering about doing this. You feel giggly and tingly and bubbly all at the same time. And just plain good about yourself when you see the results.

How do I know? Because I own a tripod and I know how to use it.

This pic is of me a few years ago. You are wondering if I went further…. Of course. But you don’t get to see them. My boudoir pics are for my boudoir. And the same can be true for you.

For those of you not so shy, I would love to use pix on the site and blog with your permission, but anyone who wants them to stay private – they will.

So indulge in a little fantasy play. It will make you feel really (really) good. And it might make someone in your life feel really good when they see them, too…!


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