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Adam and I are thinking about starting a line of organic (bamboo, hemp, etc.) Tees one of these days with our photos on them  (of course).  Adam does great detail and graphic shots and this is one image he is considering for a T.

Want to chime in with your suggestions and thoughts.  Feel free to email me at seeglover [at] gmail.com.  Love to hear what you think.

A photo of a spider web.

A photo of a spider web.


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As part of my book project, I am always doing word searches on google (mixing the words up to hopefully change the results) to find more roof top locations to shoot. Today I ran across a video clip by Summer Rayne Oakes on her new book about sustainable style and beauty where she talks about being invisibly green. I love the concept. It’s basically saying let ‘green’ be a natural part of every day life, not an issue.

And for me that has essentially been the case all of my adult life.  I’m a pacifist who espouses environmentally friendly living and always have – ever since an architecture course on passive solar design first lured me into the world of earth friendly living.

As for Summer Rayne, I am even more impressed now than I was when we spoke a few weeks ago.  Check her out. www.SummerRayne.net

And the book is a good (and useful) read. “Style, Naturally:  The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Style & Beauty”

So be invisibly green.  Be an example – not an issue.  Live a fabulous, fashionable, luxurious, happy, invisibly green life and everyone will want to know how you do it – so they can live that way, too.


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