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Adam and I have teamed up with a couple of our friends to create something very fresh. Something we hope you will love and enjoy as much as we are going to!! So keep watching here for our first example. We hope to do many many of these into the future. Don’t you love a little mystery : )


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As an addendum to the previous post … I LOVE variety. It’s what I always loved about newspaper work. New people. New places. Interesting stories. So, no. I will never be just a portrait photographer, or just a travel photographer, or just a documentary photographer, or just a street photographer, or just a wedding photographer. But always a photographic artist … who prefers topics that are uplifting. Joyful, loving, happy, blissful … those can cover a lot of territory. In those I have a lifetime of photo opportunities with plenty of variety to appease my restless soul.

But don’t expect me to do just one thing. Unless it is to do it – well!
And candidly.


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