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On the previous post I cheated just a bit.  I was talking about France and posted a couple of photos taken at the home of Dollie Briggs in Newport.

My travels in Europe were in my film days and I still have not gotten around to scanning most of the good slides.  Sorry about that.  But to make it up to you – here are a few more pix from Dollie Brigg’s lovely home in Newport.

Dollie_7290Dollie_7234Dollie_1403Dollie_7285Dollie/America at HomeKatsura9664Katsura9682


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I just wanted to point out that we are happy to travel!! Whether you want us to cross Fishers Island Sound to the island or cross the Pacific to Tahiti – if it’s a fun adventure – WE ARE THERE!

While we are here in Connecticut – Fishers Island is a short ferry ride away, as is Block Island. Newport is close, Fairfield County an easy drive, New York City a day trip. Don’t let a little water or a short drive deter you from having some really great photography of your special day or event.


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I received a very nice compliment last fall and only found out about it an hour ago. I was doing some garden searches for my book project and ran across this in the NYT.

In case you are wondering … I am the source of the “equally appealing” photo spread mentioned.

And just after I am attaching a few more pix of Dollie’s wonderful place.  If you would like to see more images of Katsura, go to OUTtoSEE.com or seeglover.smugmug.com.

Revisiting ‘The Heiress Out Back’

Q. I’m a big fan of The New York Times’s Home and Garden section and as it turns out a fan of yours. I was reading “Talk to the Newsroom: Home Reporter” and I wondered if one of my favorite Home and Garden articles , “The Heiress Out Back” (September 2006), was written by you. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t recall the name of the author … a lesson to me to start paying more attention. The story of Ms. Briggs is fascinating and inspiring … I printed the article and have reread it several times and often wonder how things are going at the “gardener’s cottage.” The photo essay that accompanied the article was equally appealing … Ms. Briggs’s life looks as whimsical as it sounds. Thank you for your excellent journalism.
— Paul Daigle

A. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. Dollie Briggs is indeed still thriving in her gardener’s cottage and greenhouses. There are now 14 dogs (I believe there were six two years ago) and “an explosion of bunnies,” Ms. Briggs told me (18 at last count, she said). A 1977 Airstream Sovereign is parked on her lawn, awaiting decorating, after which it will become a guest room. Ms. Briggs’s latest project is her support of the Growing Connection (thegrowingconnection.org), a grass-roots project that uses the Earth Box (earthbox.com), a low-maintenance container garden, to grow food and provide education in school gardening programs and community gardens around the world.Dollie_3139Dollie_3156

Dollie_7313Dollie_3091Dollie_2650Dollie_1906_1Dollie/America at HomeDollie_1538



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