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Today I had a conversation with my best friend that was a clone of so many of our conversations.  I wanted to do something I’ve been waiting to do and the prominent words in his response were ‘soon’ and ‘possibly’, which in his speak means my intentions are good but don’t hold your breathe because it won’t be happening in your immediate future.  Frame of reference – my ‘soon’ means okay let’s do it now or at least by tomorrow and his ‘soon’ – as far as I can tell to date – means sometime before we die.

I said, “Now.  Live now and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow”.
I told him, “now don’t you think that is a much better philosophy to live by”.  He looked thoughtful, but we still didn’t do what I wanted to do – Now.  And later when I thought about it I realized how perfect.  If you live now and save worrying for tomorrow, well … technically tomorrow never gets here so that means you never have to get around to worrying and how wonderful would that life be?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get him to see that yet … but soon…!


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This moment right now is what each of us has to live. We can never reach out and bring tomorrow closer. So why wouldn’t we find a way to fill this moment with all of the joy, exuberance and love we can muster?fireworks-va-beach

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