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Send naked people to buy my tees.
See below….

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I just ran across Spreadshirt the other day and now have been playing with putting some of the photos onto organic tees. Yes, only the organic ones. Sorry – they do cost a bit more, but your skin will thank you and so will the rest of us.

Women's Organic Cotton Fitted Tee - Eco-Friendly Tees Light & Shadow

Spreadshirt Market Place Product

Light & Shadow

I have put mine under the username OUTtoSEE – after my website. And am even putting the OUTtoSEE on the upper back of many of them.

I will probably open a “shop” soon. Let you know how it goes….   –C.M.

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Sorry for the brief silence, Adam is so busy he hasn’t been getting anything up  (Ooops – posted) so I am going to post this pic and link you to the others.


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I don’t know what made me type in “Lime.com” out of the blue this morning (sticking with the color theme), but I found some wonderful things.  Look at what else I found through their site!

Wai Ching Studio.  Some absolutely beautiful, colorful, sensual clothing.  Creative and unique.

I would love to photograph one (or several) of her collections!


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WOW – I just found this.  It is very similar to an idea I have … and have yet to develop, but there is always room for more creativity and great ideas!

Check out the Meditation Room at Lime.com


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On the previous post I cheated just a bit.  I was talking about France and posted a couple of photos taken at the home of Dollie Briggs in Newport.

My travels in Europe were in my film days and I still have not gotten around to scanning most of the good slides.  Sorry about that.  But to make it up to you – here are a few more pix from Dollie Brigg’s lovely home in Newport.

Dollie_7290Dollie_7234Dollie_1403Dollie_7285Dollie/America at HomeKatsura9664Katsura9682

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