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Marketing gimmicks for the most part simply annoy me, and I try to avoid them. I’d rather have you emailing me, calling me, shouting from the rooftops, because you love my work: not a two for one special.

But in deciding to add ‘boudoir’ photography to my repertoire, I realized that particular word really annoys me. Actually not the word itself, but the connotations now associated with it ….

So my apologies for the slight marketing gimmick, but keep on the lookout – the website will have a category popping up called “Fantasy Photography”. Something tingly, bubbly, intoxicating, and a little naughty. That is the kind of feeling I want women (people) to have from doing something fun like this. A bit of haute couture and some silk sheets. A lot of fantasy… medieval sorceress, Egyptian princess, Vogue model, or sultry temptress.

Trust me I will have fun doing this, too. We will get as silly, as creative, or as sultry as you want. Your choice, your intoxicating session. It’s a fantasy session, so whatever your fantasy happens to be, whether high fashion model, or temptress.

Or just you as the sensual wonderful person you are.  –C.M.


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Sorry for the brief silence, Adam is so busy he hasn’t been getting anything up  (Ooops – posted) so I am going to post this pic and link you to the others.


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I don’t know what made me type in “Lime.com” out of the blue this morning (sticking with the color theme), but I found some wonderful things.  Look at what else I found through their site!

Wai Ching Studio.  Some absolutely beautiful, colorful, sensual clothing.  Creative and unique.

I would love to photograph one (or several) of her collections!


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On the previous post I cheated just a bit.  I was talking about France and posted a couple of photos taken at the home of Dollie Briggs in Newport.

My travels in Europe were in my film days and I still have not gotten around to scanning most of the good slides.  Sorry about that.  But to make it up to you – here are a few more pix from Dollie Brigg’s lovely home in Newport.

Dollie_7290Dollie_7234Dollie_1403Dollie_7285Dollie/America at HomeKatsura9664Katsura9682

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What about renting a chateau in France for a week.  Something comfy that holds at least a dozen people and hold a photo workshop there?  Does this sound interesting?

Or maybe talk to Carolyn at Food For Thought Tours about a chateau and a trip that involves fine dining on local foods and cooking as well as photography workshops?  Like a really spectacular summer camp … for the big kids.  We have discussed combining our talents and interests for a more comprehensive travel experience.

What do you think?  We want to know.  Does this sound like a delectable way to spend a week next summer?

For this fall … and food … try Carolyn’s FFTT trip to France!

Email me:  seeglover [at] gmail.com


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It amuses me how many people come to this site and check out the “sensual” page. We have five physical senses (plus our non-physical ones) with which to enjoy this life. You never know what I might post on that page. But I am glad I put it up there to tease you a little bit. Were you expecting ice cream to be licked out of a belly button?


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