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As part of my book project, I am always doing word searches on google (mixing the words up to hopefully change the results) to find more roof top locations to shoot. Today I ran across a video clip by Summer Rayne Oakes on her new book about sustainable style and beauty where she talks about being invisibly green. I love the concept. It’s basically saying let ‘green’ be a natural part of every day life, not an issue.

And for me that has essentially been the case all of my adult life.  I’m a pacifist who espouses environmentally friendly living and always have – ever since an architecture course on passive solar design first lured me into the world of earth friendly living.

As for Summer Rayne, I am even more impressed now than I was when we spoke a few weeks ago.  Check her out. www.SummerRayne.net

And the book is a good (and useful) read. “Style, Naturally:  The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Style & Beauty”

So be invisibly green.  Be an example – not an issue.  Live a fabulous, fashionable, luxurious, happy, invisibly green life and everyone will want to know how you do it – so they can live that way, too.



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